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Costuming for Victoria Jubilee Hall

Option A

Long black dress or black blouse/top with skirt, palazzo pants, dress pants - must be floor length 

Black shoes - must be completely black

Black stockings/socks

Sparkly earrings, bracelets, & rings - costume jewelry works well - clear stones/gems only

FIRST HALF: Choir provided blue sequin shawls  


Option B

Black dress shirt - long sleeve

Black dress pants (no leather, corduroy, black jeans)

Black shoes

Black socks

FIRST HALF: Choir provided blue sequin vests & blue sequin bow ties

SECOND HALF: Choir provided white sequin long ties


Please be sure to use unscented deodorant and no perfumes/colognes.  Hairspray/glitter spray to be used outside only.

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